Framer’s Attic

I have been a custom picture framer for what seems ages; if I had to put a number on it, it’s probably been about 12 years.

Over that time I have amassed lots of stuff! Most of it leans to the obscure and kitschy. Much of it is prints and art, but also other items.

It’s time to let some of the collection go. If something is for sale, I’ll mention that in the story behind how I acquired the piece.

I’ll also share as much information on that item as I know.

So here we go, the rest of the story!

Beatles Poster | Simply Matted Part 2 - Custom Matte and Framing Bay City, MI

Beatles Poster

This poster is from the Beatles Royal Command Performance 1963. Issued in 1964, first edition printing. As you can see it is still in the wrapping. ID tag is on the end. It has never been hung, taped, or framed. The size is 24 x 36. The value of this and ones like it are all over the board. Sizes also vary, and, as you can imagine, there are reprints and copies.  Prices when I looked started at $10 to $475. I narrowed down my search, first edition and matching my size and year. I saw one taped and thumb tacked to the wall for sale for $375, and saw new prints like mine for sale, but out of the wrapper going for $200 to $300. This copy is for sale for $350, and I will pay for shipping. Oh, the back story, I found it at a rummage sale…but the price is my secret.

License Plates

I was at an auction one evening when I bid on the last box of miscellaneous items. In one small box was this treasure. Forty five small, just like new, bicycle license plates. Each plate still had the reflective coating and backing intact. They date from the late 1950’s through 1964.

One of my customers recognized them as coming from either Gulf gas stations or 76 gas stations. You had to purchase a few gallons of gas to get one of these promo license plates.

This collage is 31″X 26″. This professionally framed collection is for sale for $325.00. If you have knowledge of the origins of the gas station chain that gave these out, I would love to know

License Plates | Simply Matted Part 2 - Custom Matte and Framing Bay City, MI
doc seuss books | simply matted part two

Dr. Seuss Books

This is a collection of Dr. Seuss books. Seventeen books in all. They are First Edition Beginner Books. Copyrighted mid-1950’s up to early 1960’s. Since they are kids books, some have crayon writing in them. Mostly names. Some are in really nice condition. This collection can be found in the shopping link. If you would like to see more pictures, email me and I will be glad to send you more. The price for this Dr. Seuss First Beginner Book is $475.00