Simply Matted Services

At Simply Matted Part 2 we can transform any item into a lovely piece to hang or display in your home or office at a price you can afford. The work we do is done with passion, excitement and exacting measurements to deliver high quality work you will enjoy anytime you see it. We are skilled and experienced in a variety of hand crafted framing work.

Whatever you need or want in framing and matting, we hope you choose to work with us. We are committed to establishing a professional yet personable relationship with you.

We Offer

  • Custom Framing: There are hundreds of frames to choose from ranging in color, size, materials and finish. We have samples in our shop to give you ideas for your own project.
  • Matting: We have a state of the art matte cutter that will deliver precision beveled cuts every time, which in turn creates a better looking image that it surrounds. You have a number of options when it comes to the thickness of matte board, color and how you would like it to be cut.
  • Shadow/Jersey Boxes: Have us frame your favorite sports team jersey in a Jersey Box as a keepsake on display. Or perhaps you would like to gather a few objects, images, or other mementos to have us design a shadow box that produces a 3 dimensional story. Either way, each box is constructed with you in mind.
  • Flag Boxes: Flags are a symbolic honor we receive because of many different reasons. As such, Simply Matted Part 2 has a variety of flag boxes to choose from to display your flag. If you like certain features of different boxes we can mix and match to construct an original piece just for you.
  • Corporate Framing: Often times businesses will want to devise a particular theme for their office. This is where we come in. We are well rounded in organizing and constructing a variety of corporate framing pieces that will add your own personal touch to your office setting.
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