Shadow / Jersey Boxes

Shadow and Jersey BoxesWhether you’re a sports fan with a collection of jersey’s or have memorabilia you would like to showcase on your walls, Simply Matted Part 2 has an assortment of shadow and jersey boxes to choose from. All boxes are designed and customized according to the items you bring to us.

We have custom-built shadow and jersey boxes to house items ranging from collectibles and souvenirs to professional, minor league, high school or college jerseys. Our framing professionals will help design a visually appealing and sturdy shadow box that is sure to bring you enjoyment for years to come. All you will need are the objects, pictures, and any other accessories you would like to have arranged on display.

Upon arriving to our store, we will ask some questions to gain a better understanding of your personality and purpose for having these particular items placed in a shadow or jersey box. We enjoy hearing about the back stories behind our projects and most of all, you. This information will guide us in the right direction of what materials to use as a backdrop, the color and type of box you like, and if you have a prominent focus for your display.

Customizing shadow and jersey boxes to your specs are just the beginning of the fun! We enjoy taking your memories and creating a visual story for people see. We value you as a person and client, that’s why you will receive high quality service with a smile when you work with us.

Shadow and Jersey Boxes:

  • Securing items in the boxes
  • Arrange the items so it tells your story or event
  • Different materials available to use in your display (acid-free)
  • Exact measurements and custom-built boxes
  • All personal items handled with extreme care